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Cybersecurity is the biggest challenge in operating any business network.

With cyber-crime on the rise, no one is immune to attack. Not least financial services, healthcare and retail industries where sensitive personal information is most coveted. Every day, cyber-bots rattle the doorknobs of your network and web-facing apps looking for vulnerabilities to exploit.

There is no forgiveness for mistakes, one bad firewall rule and you’re toast. A data breach can devastate your business and ruin your reputation, and the longer you take to discover it, the more damage is done.

If you are not an IT Security specialist, knowing what security measures to take, monitoring for threats, reacting to suspicious behavior, maintaining security updates and continuously refining your security policies, is NOT “all in a days work”.

More than any other aspect of your IT infrastructure, IT security is best left to professionals.

Managed Voice Services for Canton, Akron SMBs

IT  Security Assessment

When did you last review your security policies and implementation? If you can’t remember, then it is too long ago! Large enterprises typically re-evaluate their security posture at least quarterly, many do it monthly. They have large teams of security analysts, and a plethora of scanning tools running continuously.

That’s a luxury small and medium businesses cannot afford, but it is no excuse for complacency or neglect.

Maybe it is time to do a security assessment, before a hacker does it for you.

Network Security

If you are unsure how robust your network security is, we can conduct an audit of your security posture. We use a variety of network security scanners to scan the network, servers and endpoints in order to identify vulnerabilities and malware.  This will generate an actionable report of weaknesses a hacker could exploit.

This assessment is done in a non-intrusive way – it is not necessary to install software on servers or endpoints in your network, and it won’t break anything, or damage any data. The objective is to expose the existence of vulnerabilities, give you a prioritized list of what needs fixing, and inform you how to go about shoring up your IT security in the most expedient and effective manner.

Application Security

If you have web-facing enterprise applications this is another high risk area and the latest sweet spot for hackers. Hackers know that software applications are far more vulnerable than networks.

Truth is, about two thirds of internally developed applications are never tested for security vulnerabilities. In fact, while more than 80% of security spending goes on securing the network and devices connected to it, only 3% is spent on application security. However, a full 35% of reported breaches are a result of application vulnerabilities, not network flaws.

We can help you assess your application exposure by implementing software vulnerability scanning to identify any weaknesses in your client/server, mobile, and web-applications.

IT Security Partners…

“Data Voice Solutions installed and configured a new phone system at our Akron HQ, and switched over from old to new, all in one day, without a second of downtime!”

Johny Bravo, CEO and Founder, Rink and Dink Legal Services, Akron OH

Managed Security Services

Once you have assessed your network and application security, we can provide on-going support and maintenance, to ensure the security measures you put in place remain effective and fit the needs of your business as you grow and evolve. We’ll even train your staff to be more security conscious.

Our Managed IT Security Service covers identity management (roles and access policies of staff, guest and contractors), endpoint security (desktops, tablets, BYOD and special devices such as PoS terminals or networked medical devices), as well as application security (internally-facing and externally-facing mobile, client-server and web applications) hosted on your network or in the cloud.

Our security analysts will regularly review and adjust your security framework to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape, and proactively monitor the network, endpoints and applications for suspicious activity, so we can deal with threats before they become breaches.

Key Benefits of our Managed IT Security Services

  • Staff educated on security best practices
  • Continuous monitoring of threat activity
  • Remote or on-site support as needed
  • Regular review and adjustment of security policies
  • More stringent physical and digital security
  • Regulatory compliance with HIPAA, PCI etc
  • More secure guest and contractor access
  • Peace of mind that your assest are protected

The Service Includes…

  • Flat monthly rate
  • 4 hour call-out response
  • Quarterly security reassessment
  • Automatic upgrades and patches
  • Remote and onsite monitoring
  • Security education for your staff
  • Pricing from $150 / month

“We are Doctors not IT geeks! We don’t have a clue how to keep our network protected, even though we know we must. That’s why its such a relief to have the HIPAA-certified security experts at DVS watching our backs.”

Michael R. , Gynacologist
Medical Center, Akron OH
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