Managed Network Services

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When information fuels your business, network downtime isn’t an option.

Yet, hundreds of small and medium businesses that rely on their network for everything, insist on winging it with no IT guy and no network support plan. When something goes wrong – a switch or cable fails or users are having problems connecting – productivity plummets.

Whatever your line of business, second-guessing network and Wi-Fi connectivity issues is mis-use of your time. Let us do it. We’ll monitor and manage your network infrastructure so you have utility-like service that gives everyone fast, reliable access to servers, printers and the Internet, at all times.

While we manage your network behind the scenes, you can focus on what really matters – your business.

Managed Voice Services for Canton, Akron SMBs

Network Design and Installation

Overall Network Design

Based on how you use the network today, and your vision for future business growth, our consultants can design a new network, or re-engineer your existing network to provide the capacity, performance and scalability required by your business today and in the coming years.

We will audit the network and advise you on potential performance bottlenecks, required upgrades and security risks. And we can help you choose the right equipment if new or additional routing, switching or Wi-Fi gear is needed.

If you are upgrading your phone system to VoIP, you’ll want run voice services over your data network. We can take care of all the necessary steps: setting VLANs, QoS etc. to converge your data and voice infrastructures into a single network.

 BYOD and Guest Wi-Fi

Most businesses recognize the value and convenience of Wi-Fi, and have implemented Wi-Fi access to some extent, if not for themselves, for guests and patrons. However according to industry surveys, a shocking 30% of small businesses are still using consumer-grade gear from Netgear, Linksys etc.   But if you need multiple access points (APs), stand-alone consumer APs provide only the most basic access security, have no integration with directory services, and omit loads of critical enterprise features such as: seamless roaming, intrusion detection, QoS, multiple SSIDs and social login.

Meanwhile your staff are bringing their own mobile devices into the workplace, hoping to connect to your network. Even when you have enterprise-grade APs, managing on-boarding and security for user’s personal devices is quite a chore, and it is easy to get wrong if you don’t understand network security.

As Wi-Fi management has migrated to the Cloud, secure, feature rich Wi-Fi solutions are now available at a price-point fit for small to medium businesses.  Many Cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions offer Social Login, Captive Portal and Analytics – essential features for food and beverage, retail, hospitality and anyone with a waiting room, for capturing intelligence, and contact information from guests and patrons that connect to your “Guest Wi-Fi”. This information can be used to improve marketing reach and effectiveness. We can help you choose the right Wi-Fi platform, configure it, and integrate it with the rest of the network.

Networking Partners…

“Our tenants never stopped moaning about the slow Wi-Fi at our facility. When DVS surveyed our site, they found several areas with no signal at all, and recommended we replaced Linksys with a more powerful Aruba system which they would manage for us. What a great decision. Now the Wi-Fi is reliable and fast, and our tenants are thrilled. Phew!”

Kay W., Office Manager
Serviced Office, Akron OH

Managed Network Services

Our flat-fee managed network service gives you peace of mind, by ensuring your IT infrastructure it kept up-to-date and is operating optimally with an affordable and predictable monthly cost. In networking the only constant is change. Application usage and traffic patterns evolve, things break, people come and go, people’s roles and security privileges change.

Networks requires constant monitoring, event management, maintenance and support – correctly installing firmware patches, adjusting security settings, topology adds, moves and changes, and fielding support requests from users. When issues arise we take corrective action for you, to keep the network humming and your users productive.

Remote Network Monitoring 24/7

We used advanced remote monitoring and management tools to set performance thresholds and proactively monitor the overall health of your network so we can quickly resolve issues behind the scenes, often before users are affected.

When something comes up, e.g. problems connecting to the wired or wireless network, congestion somewhere in the network, a device failure, loss of internet connectivity, etc., our network operations team is alerted, so they can step in to diagnose and fix the problem remotely or if necessary go on site. Our mission is to maximize the productivity of your users, by maintaining the highest network performance and availability.

 Access Control

Based on your security needs, and the type of information you handle, we’ll help you define your access policies and configure the correct access privileges across both wired and wireless networks, for different individual users, internal groups, contractors and patrons or guests.  As your needs change, or security policies evolve, we’re right behind you to implement the required changes.

Support Desk

Our help desk has complete visibility of your network and its users. They can usually resolve all types connectivity issues faced by users, over the phone. If not, they will be round in a flash to troubleshoot and fix your network as quickly as possible.  No call is too much, we here to help your team stay connected and productive at all times.

Key Benefits of our Managed Network Service

  • Easy access to unlimited local support
  • We manage your existing equipment
  • Remote and on-site support as needed
  • High-availability, great performance
  • Predictable OPEX, no surprises

The Service Includes…

  • Flat monthly rate
  • 4 hour call-out response
  • Unlimited support calls
  • Remote network monitoring
  • Early fault detection
  • Performance thresholds
  • Unlimited adds, moves, changes
  • Automatic upgrades and patches
  • Remote and onsite troubleshooting
  • Pricing from $50 / month

“Our network used to be up and down like a yo-yo. But since Data Voice Solutions started managing it for us, we haven’t had a single incident in two years”

Stuart B., Principal
Management Consultancy, Canton OH

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