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When taking a backup is yet another one of your chores, it doesn’t get done!

Every year thousands of small businesses lose valuable data, due to neglecting to take (or test) backups of server and PC data. An estimated 6% of PCs annually experience some kind of data loss due to viruses, human error or hardware failure. It’s annoying to be sure, but it’s not the end of the world.

On the other hand, a major fire, flood or server crash, can ruin your business if you can’t recover from it in a matter of days, or in some cases, hours. In fact, about 60% of businesses that suffer a catastrophic, unrecoverable data loss, go under within 6 months – don’t let that be you.

Managed Voice Services for Canton, Akron SMBs

PC and Laptop Repair

Data Recovery Service

If your hard drive dies, your computer won’t start, or even if you accidentally deleted a file, we will attempt to recover it and give you the best chance of getting your data back safe and sound.

We have successfully recovered files for law enforcement officials and clients in other industries, when other IT companies said there was no hope. We use the same tools used by specialist data recovery firms, for a fraction of the cost and in half the time.

Because we are a local Canton firm, if you are located anywhere in  Northeast Ohio, don’t lose time sending your drive away, we’ll pick it up, retrieve your data, and get the PC or Laptop it came from, working again.

Laptop Repair Service

Some laptops really take a beating. If you take your laptop everywhere you go, and it is not plugged into a docking station its whole life, you can expect things to break. Power jacks get loose, keys get lost, casings and LCD screens get damaged etc.  These issues are all repairable.  If your laptop is overheating or in need of repair, bring it in and we’ll restore it to its former glory.

See the common laptop hardware problems we encounter and repair.

Cloud Backup Partners…

“DVS saved my account. When my laptop wouldn’t start, just hours before a major client pitch, I thought all was lost.  But DVS magically salvaged my proposal, and even lent me a laptop – just in the nick of time.”

Alexander K., Partner
Law Firm, Meyers Lake, OH

Managed Backup Services

With our cloud hosted, managed backup service, we ensure data from all your PCs and servers is backed up to the Cloud, on a regular schedule. You no longer have to worry about taking backups yourself, and storing the backup data in a safe offsite location. The Cloud becomes your offsite location.

Client Data Backup

We put a backup agent on every PC. The agent communicates with the Cloud backup software, and whenever it is asked to do so, it backups new data to Cloud storage as a background task, in much the same way as Google Drive and Dropbox periodically synch local files and folders to virtual “hard drives” in the Cloud.

In the event of hardware failure or data loss, we can select the latest backup for that device or retrieve an individual file, and restore it. No matter what went wrong, even if it means replacing the hard disk, your data is protected and easily restored to the original computer, or a new one, so downtime is minimized.

Server Data Backup

Our server backup system protects Windows servers, Linux servers, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, SharePoint & Active Directory servers, by archiving not just your data, but complete server images to the Cloud. We can even backup Virtual Machines already residing in the Cloud.

All stored backups files as well as backup transmissions to the Cloud are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, so they are safe from prying eyes, should hackers somehow gain access to your backups, or if they “listen” to your Internet pipe while a backup is in progress.

In the event of a server melt-down, we can restore your backup to a new bare-metal server, or if time is of the essence, the server image can be virtualized in about 15 seconds and made accessible from the Cloud, so everyone can return to full productivity, while we help you procure a replacement server.

Our backup management console gives us instant visibility if any backups are failing due to Internet connectivity issues, corrupt data, or if insufficient Cloud storage has been allocated. So we can troubleshoot the problem and take corrective action, before the integrity of your backup regimen is compromised.

Key Benefits of our Managed Backup Service

  • Supports almost any type of server
  • Automated, hands-free backup regimen
  • Take backups as frequently as you want
  • We continuously monitor all backup activity
  • Automated verification of backup integrity
  • Backup encryption protects against hackers
  • Supports both local and Cloud backup
  • Bare metal and in-the-Cloud restore options
  • Business risk of data loss, eliminated

The Service Includes…

  • Flat monthly rate
  • Automated PC backup
  • Automated Server backup
  • Incremental and full backups
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Fast reliable data restore
  • Pricing from $100 / month

“It used to take three hours every Friday to backup our servers, and if I didn’t have time, I would sweat all weekend. Daily automated backups has taken a huge load off my mind.”

Calvin P. , Service Manager
Auto Parts Dealer, Akron OH
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