Wouldn’t you rather focus on the gaps in peoples teeth, not gaps in IT

Having reliable phone services and computer systems is crucial to the efficiency of your dental practice. As paper and film slowly disappear from dental practices, the dentistry profession is becoming increasingly dependent on computers, not just at the front desk, but in the consulting room too. The resolution of digital radiology systems double every two to three years. To handle those large files without choking, you need a fast network and reliable high-capacity storage systems.

With patient appointments back-to-back there is little tolerance for technology glitches that throw off your schedule. Meanwhile, waiting patients don’t want to read magazines, they want to jump on your Wi-Fi and surf the web. Does your network cater for that, in a way that doesn’t put your own business use and patient privacy at risk?  The last thing you need is a patient watching Netflix in the waiting room slowing down your access to digital X-rays for the patient you are attending to.

Data Voice Solutions provides the following consulting and managed services for dental practices:

  • IT Consulting regarding your IT infrastructure and strategy
  • Reliable, secure Wi-Fi access for guests, with prioritized business use
  • Managed services for network infrastructure and voice system
  • Full server, desktop and device monitoring and support
  • Back, disaster recovery and email archiving services

“We installed a new phone system but every time someone viewed X-Rays calls got garbled, and often we lost the call completely. Our phone system provider had done nothing to protect the voice traffic on the network. We called in DVS and they fixed it right away.”

Vanessa T., Orthodontist
Dental Practice, Canton, OH
IT Manages Services for Dental Practices
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