IT Services for Ohio Non-Profits

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Affordable IT Services and Tech Support for Non-Profits

Computer and Networking Support for 501(c)(3)’s
Data Voice Solutions is a proud to be a member of the community in Ohio and to offer smart tech support for our local  non-profits. We work with grant writers on tight budgets or free and donated products such as to help you help your cause. We have been assisting local charities and non-profits to make a difference since we opened our doors, and are proud to be contributors to  growth and improvement in an area where we all must live and work together.

Our Philosophy
Technology is the tool organizations use to be able to be responsive, flexible, and productive. The best way for your non-profit to fulfill its mission is to be successful in its work and efficient in its movements. If the technology in your organization feels like an obstacle instead of  functional tool, let us give your organization a free assessment of its technology setup and uses. Our assessment will allow us to evaluate what tools you have and, more importantly, how you use those tools. This will help us to focus on the areas where we can potentially have the most impact on your system. You might be surprised how much can be accomplished with an in depth look at how an organization uses what it already has.

IT Managed Services for Ohio Non-Profits
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